Self-guided Alaska moose hunts

Self-guided Moose Hunts

A wild Alaskan experience unlike any other

Trophy Moose Hunts

Tok Air Service offers moose hunts in 3 different Game Management Units (GMU), with 5 different hunting season dates. All moose hunts occur in the month of September.

UnitsSeason DatesAntler Restrictions
12Sept. 1-3050" 4 brow tines resident & non-resident
20 DSept. 1-15Any Bull
20 ESept. 8-1750" 4 brow tines non-resident
Some areas require registration permit #RM865
Alaska Archery Moose Hunts

Archery Hunters

We appreciate the skill, patience and determination of bow hunters, and enjoy taking bow hunters every year. We have been averaging 100% success on opportunity for our bow hunters. The terrain we hunt is very suitable to bow hunting.

Getting a Great Alaskan Moose Hunt.

While pioneering hunting strips, Zack has been able to reach pockets of moose that have previously not been hunted. Most of the landing strips for moose are at or above tree line, which allow great opportunities for glassing and spotting trophy moose.

The predator control programs conducted by the Department of Fish and Game in GMU 20 and 12 have been successful in increasing the moose population and providing more opportunities for hunters to harvest trophy moose. While Zack will work hard to provide quality hunts away from other hunters, don't expect him to take you to his secret moose spot he saves for himself!

May also be combined with caribou hunt.

Alaska caribou hunting

Alaska moose (Alces alces gigas) are the largest of all moose species. Because Alaska has such a large wilderness there are many opportunities to hunt moose. The successful moose hunter is very patient, spends lots of time glassing, stays in one area so as not to spread human scent, is strategic and skillful at moose calling, and above all is in excellent physical condition, so that no meat is spoiled after the trigger is pulled! We recommend using the Moose Magnet call. There is a lot of information to be found about moose hunting on the website All About Moose as well as ADF&G.

As a responsible, ethical moose hunter, you must be very familiar with judging the 50" antler restriction. It is important to understand the traits that identify a legal moose before you go hunting. Read this article before you go hunting.

Alaska Giants

Two of our hunters on their DIY moose hunt,

Big Archery moose

Super Cub short field extraction

Tracy Hardy

Alaska Huge Bull moose raking antlers

East Alaska and Wrangells hunting

Some words from our amazing clients.

  • Backpacking moose hunts are all about work, and the harder you work the more memorable trip it will be. Taking your time, calling and being patient are also keys, but once the bull is down the memories will be embedded with sweat. Give Zach at Tok Air Service a call if you want to hunt moose, bear, sheep or caribou. He will get you deep into the Alaska wilderness, where some true trophies are holding in the brush.
    Ryan Schmidt
    Anchorage, AK