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Park Service Regulations

Park Service Regulations

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Many of the Alaska hunts supported by Tok Air Service occur on Federal National Park Service lands. Often the Tok Air Service Fortymile caribou hunts are within the boundaries of the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. The Yukon-Charley/Tanana Hills sheep hunt is within the boundaries of the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. The Wrangell Mountains and Nutzotin Mountains sheep hunts supported by Tok Air Service are within the boundaries of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve. The National Park Service has specific regulations regarding food storage, bear safety, human waste, campfires and camping. Please carefully review the Park specific information that is detailed in this section. This information is valuable to hunters not just on Park Service land, but whenever you are out enjoying the 'Wilds of Alaska.'

    The following are prohibited:
  • Digging or leveling the ground at a campsite.
  • Leaving camping equipment, site alterations, or refuse after departing from the campsite
  • Camping within 25 feet of a water hydrant or main road, or within 100 feet of a flowing stream, river or body of water, except as designated
Alaska Remote Hunting Camp
Alaska Hunting Food Bear Safety
Food Storage

Adequate precautions shall be taken to guard against human/bear encounters. Unattended food caches are not permitted, except when they are associated with an on-going trip and/or occupied campsite or secured in a bear resistant manner. Unattended food and garbage must be properly secured from bears and other wildlife by using National Park Service (NPS) approved bear resistant food containers; suspending items at least 10 feet off the ground and 4 feet horizontally from a tree trunk; or by other techniques subject to NPS approval. Approved bear resistant food containers for Federal Lands can be reached at

Ursack, bear containers are approved by the NPS.

Tok Air Service recommends the Ursack bear containers because they are lightweight and less bulky than bear barrels.

    (2) Throughout the park, all food (except legally taken game) and beverages, food and beverage containers, garbage, harvested fish and equipment used to cook or store food must be stored in a bear resistant container (BRC) or secured:
  • By caching a minimum of 100 feet from camp and suspending at least 10 feet above the ground and 4 feet horizontally from a post, tree trunk or other object on a line or branch that will not support a bear's weight.
      Note This provision does not apply to:
    • Clean dishes and cooking equipment that are free of food odors. We strongly recommend that these items be securely stored; but clean and odor free items are not required to be stored in secure containers.
    • Food that is being transported, consumed or prepared for consumption.
    • Food carried by persons climbing or traveling above the firn line on snow covered terrain.

The intent of these designations is to prevent bears and other wildlife from obtaining and becoming conditioned to food and garbage, thus protecting wildlife and park visitors alike. Unapproved Ice chests and coolers, tents, dry bags or stuff sacks, plastic packing boxes (Totes, Action Packers, etc.) and unmodified kayaks are not approved as BRC. The park offers, at no charge, bear resistant containers for temporary use to the public. A refundable deposit is required, and the containers can be obtained at the park's visitor center in Copper Center, and in Slana AK.

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    The following are prohibited:
  • Leaving a fire unattended.
  • Throwing or discarding lighted or smoldering material in a manner that threatens, causes damage to, or results in the burning of property or park resources, or creates a public safety hazard.
  • Fires shall be extinguished upon termination of use and in accordance with such conditions as may be established by the superintendent. Violation of these conditions is prohibited.

All trash (tin foil, food, glass, and cans) must be removed from the fire site after use.

Gathering of Firewood
    The following are permitted:
  • Gathering or collecting, by hand and for personal use only, dead wood on the ground for use as fuel for campfires within the park area. Human Waste.
    The following are prohibited:
  • In non-developed areas, the disposal of human body waste within 100 feet of a water source, high water mark of a body of water, or a campsite, or within sight of a trail, except as otherwise designated.
  • Human body wastes shall be disposed of further than 100 feet from a water source, high water mark of a body of water, or a campsite. Solid human waste should be deposited in a small cathole (6-8” deep) whenever possible or covered by snow. All toilet paper should be burned or packed out. Dog waste must be scattered at least 100 feet from water sources.

TO SUM ALL OF THIS UP: LEAVE NO TRACE and use a Ursack bear resistant container. Bury human waste, burn your toilet paper, and hang your food in a tree or use a bear resistant container.

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