Super Cub N82022 - Explore the Wild

The Beast

N82022 is the first Super Cub Zack purchased; back in 2001. It is a 1978 Piper that was completely updated and modified in 2014, specifically for the hard-core, "heavy lifting" bush flying that Tok Air Service has staked its' reputation on.

Weighing in under 1100 lbs, 022 is one of the lightest "big wing" 180 HP Super Cub's flying commercial service in the world. Nick-named the "Beast", 022 is the go-to plane for getting a big pay-load out of a short, nasty place.

Super Cub N6593A - Really Explore the Wild

The Pioneer

Zack's 2nd Super Cub purchased in 2007. It is a stock, 160 HP, "round-wing" cub. Sporty and agile. 93A has a storied history, flying bush Alaska since it left the Piper factory in 1981.

With Zack at the controls, 93A has pioneered more Super Cub landing strips than most cubs in Alaska combined. If this aircraft could talk, it would tell the most incredible stories about being in the most remarkable places.

93A has spent more time on skis than Bushwheels, since it is the aircraft Zack uses to run his trapline, and to access glaciers for spring skiing and snowboarding.

N714LS - Explore the Wild with Friends

The 185 Ski-wagon

Zack's Dad, Jeff, bought N714LS brand new from the Cessna factory in 1983. Jeff used 4LS to haul supplies back and forth to the family's small "mom and pop" gold mine.

Eventually, Jeff sold 4LS. After Jeff passed away, Zack located the owner and was able to purchase 4LS back into the Knaebel flying family. In 2014, Zack flew 4LS up from Phoenix AZ, to it's home in Alaska. 4LS is one sexy, fun and fast plane to fly.