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Specialty Charter Services.

Here at Tok Air Service we are built on supporting remote adventures and lifestyles. We know what is involved in getting set up and operating in the remote off-grid environment, and we are equipped to assist you. Whether it is simple cargo, and equipment, or bulk fuel and building materials, we have you covered.

Bulk Fuel Hauling
Remote Hauling
Cargo and Camps

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  • Cargo

    Our Cessna 185 is equipped to move large volumes or cargo.

  • Bulk Fuel

    We have a 75 gallon capacity for hauling bulk fuel.

  • Remote Cabin Packages

    Max size for lumber: Width: 24". Length: 9' (On Tundra Tires or Skis)
    Ability to haul myriad types of hardware and tools

  • T.O. / Landing Distances

    We specialize in hauling oversized & outsized freight. We have the capacity to operate out of short strips in remote locations. With our PA-18 we can safely operate in and out of 400-500 ft.