Rime Peak

Atna Peaks on the left and Rime Peak on the right.
A map of the summit route of rime peak

Rime Peak (12,740ft)
Route Elevation Gain: 5,700ft

AI2-3, Steep Snow, Alaska Grade II - July 1965 Vin Hoeman, Alex Bittnebinder and Don Stockford

Season: Spring/Summer

Rime Peak is a prominent peak just to the east of Mt. Blackburn on the Nabesna Glacier. In July 1965 by Vin Hoeman, Alex Bittnebinder and Don Stockford traversed in from the Kennicott Glacier via up and over Mountaineers Pass to the Nabesna Glacier to climb Rime Peak. Mountaineers Pass is actually labeled in the wrong place on the USGS map and it is the pass between Park and Atna Peaks.

Route Description: The LZ for Rime and Atna Peak is at 7,000ft on the Nabesna Glacier. A good BC can be made at about 8,000ft Another camp can be made at 12,000ft in the saddle between Atna and Rime Peak.

The North Face and East Ridge has some serac fall hazard. The climbing is steep snow with a section or two of 40-55-degree alpine ice.