Mt. Jarvis

Mount Jarvis
Looking up at climbers on Mt. Jarvis from camp.
The route to climbing Mt. Jarvis.

Mt. Jarvis (13,421ft)

Elevation Gain: 5,500ft

South Ridge/Slope: Moderate Snow, Alaska Grade II - Ed Lane, Barbara Lilley, Bill Morris and Dick Beach in 1967

Season: Spring, Summer

The South Ridge/Slope on Mt. Jarvis makes for an excellent introductory peak to climbing big mountains in Alaska and it is also a great skiing objective. The views from this area are some of the best! To the south you are looking at the serrated Wrangell skyline, Mount Wrangell sits in front of you with smoke from its crater seeping out, and the view down the Copper Glacier to the head waters of the Copper River are endless.

Route Description: The LZ is at about 8,500ft and another camp can be made at about 9,800ft. The slope ranges from 30-40 degrees and offers a good fall line descent. The glacier travel in this area is pretty straight forward for the Wrangells.