The Wall / Tasnuna

Clients wave the plane off after getting setup with their Alaska glacier ski camp at The Wall, in the Chugach outside Valdez.
Getting the glacier ski camp setup at the Wall, Thompson Pass, Chugach Mountains, Valdez, Alaska.
Looking at The Wall, for those serious about doing technical glacier ski camps in the Chugach and Valdez, Alaska.
Looking down one of the lines on Rhett Face, in the Chugach outside of Valdez.
Rhett Face glacier ski camp has so many great backcountry skiing options.
Glacier ski camp in Valdez, Chugach Mountains Alaska.
Everyone is all setup with their Alaska glacier ski camp at Rhett Face, out of Valdez, in the Chugach mountains.
Skinning out to The Wall in the Chugach near Valdez.
Tracks while getting to the good near The Wall ski camp, Valdez.
Glacier ski camp all setup and ready to go ride at The Wall, Chugach Mountains, Valdez
Climbing up at The Wall ski camp in the Chugach.
Looking out at The Wall backcountry ski zone outside of Valdez.
Glacier ski camp at The Wall.