The Goat Zone

The Goat Zone offers and excellent array of shorter runs to get more variety in your trip.
Looking at the Goat Zone in the Chugach Mountains outside of Valdez.
Carving big lines in The Goat Zone, in the Chugach Mountains outside Valdez. Great glacier ski camp location.
While ascending the route, doing a glacier ski camp at The Goat Zone, you stop to appreciate the Chugach.

Often referred to as the Trainer Spines of the Chugach, The Goat Zone is unique to the Valdez area because of its condensed small to medium sized spine lines. In contrast to the typical ramps or couloirs on this side of the range, this is the perfect place to learn how to ride steep fluted terrain with clean runouts and little consequence. All of the terrain here is northwest facing, meaning ample opportunity for pink pow runs and casual mornings at camp. The landing zone is also directly beneath the walls making for extremely easy access from your tent.

You’re still going to want to rope up for glacier travel in this area, but the crevasses and bergschrunds are at an all-time minimum here, just another reason why this area is perfect for someone breaking into this style of riding. Don’t be fooled by the small stature of these runs though. You can still easily find major exposure along the ridge as you top out on your steep Vert track or if you choose to ride one of the many lines that go along a cliff’s edge. And just as you’d expect from Alaskan terrain, there are plenty of classic blind rollovers so make sure to memorize your line from the bottom first! The Goat Zone camp is located at approximately 4,200 feet and is in prime season from mid March to mid April.