Six Common Hunting Violations

    According to wildlife troopers the three most common hunting violations in Alaska for caribou, moose and bear are the following:
  • Failure to validate the hunt before leaving the kill site. You can go to to report your hunt online.
  • Failure to leave evidence of the animal’s sex attached until the meat is processed.
  • A sublegal kill. Know the size requirements for the animal you are hunting and properly identify it.
    Additional common violations include:
  • Failing to salvage all the meat off big game animals.
  • Transporting antlers or horns to the departure point before the meat. Antlers and horns should be transferred with the last load of meat.
  • Leaving a part of the animal along the right of way of a public road.

Hunting rules and regulations are in place for a reason. Some are in place for safety. Others help Department of Fish and Game employees properly manage wildlife. To stay up to date on hunting rules and regulations,

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