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Common Qustions About Tok Air Service Hunts

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  • Is there a weight limit?

    Yes. A weapon and 50 lbs back pack, 55lbs pack for moose hunts. What this means is you, with your hunting boots and clothes on, binoculars around your neck, small items like shells in your pockets, your gun or bow, and a 50 lbs (or 55lbs for moose hunts) back pack. The weight limit stays the same regardless of the weight of the hunter.

  • Is a draw-tag required for moose or caribou hunts?


  • How far away from the landing strip is water?

    Normally very close, and with few exceptions, within ½ mile and 1000ft vertical. Stagnant water, (what we call a 'caribou piss pond'), is often very close, and we recommend bringing a water filter.

  • What is the weather like?

    During August, it can be quite warm. Up to 75°F, on sunny afternoons. It generally doesn't freeze at night in August. It can be 40°F, windy and very wet with rain. Make sure you have excellent rain gear and multiple warm layers. During September, temperatures generally range from 15°F to 70°F. A dusting of snow is not uncommon later in the month.

  • How long are the hunts?

    For sheep and caribou, generally 7 hunting days. For moose, 8 hunting days. Add a day at each end for the Super Cub flight.

  • Does Tok Air Service move hunters after they have been placed in the field?

    No. The success of your hunt depends more on the weather, and the skill, experience, and work ethic of the hunter, than it depends on any one spot that Tok Air Service places you.

  • Is meat required to be de-boned?

    Yes. This is not a Fish and Game regulation but a policy of Tok Air Service. We ask that all meat, (except rib meat may be left on the bone), be de-boned and placed into game bags that do not exceed 50 lbs of meat per bag. A caribou will require 4 game bags, and a moose, 12. Additional game bags are needed for the cape and to wrap the skull of European mounts.

  • What areas do you hunt?

    (Game Management Unit) GMU 20D and 20E for caribou.
    GMU 12, 20D and 20E for moose.
    GMU 12, 13, 20D, 20E for sheep.

  • What is required to book a hunt?

    A non-refundable 50% deposit of the hunter fee. Payable by personal check, wire, or credit card (credit cards transactions are charged 4% extra). We also need the name, current mailing address, email, and phone number for each hunter. Please mail checks to Tok Air Service, PO Box 837, Tok, AK 99780. Upon receiving a deposit a receipt will be mailed out, confirming your hunt deposit.

  • Is there a place to store meat in Tok?

    Yes. There is cooler/freezer space available for a daily fee. Contact Tok Mini Storage at 907-883-5546 for more information.

  • If I harvest an animal early will Tok Air Service pick my meat up early?

    Yes. If time allows. We request that after a hunter has processed an animal and has all the boned-out meat in 50 pound game bags ready for pick-up at the airstrip, that he/she calls on a satellite phone and informs us that meat is ready for pick-up. Do not call until all the meat has been packed out, and is ready for pick up at the airstrip. If time, flight schedule, and weather allows we will make an attempt to get the meat. PLEASE NOTE: Notifying Tok Air Service that meat is ready for pick-up in no way removes the burden of meat care from off of the hunter. You as the hunter, are responsible for ethical and responsible meat care for the entire duration of your hunt.

  • Should we rent or buy a satellite phone?

    Yes. They may be purchased or rented from the Surveyors Exchange in Fairbanks: 907-452-6079, or Anchorage: 907-561-6501.

  • Does Tok Air Service prefer a satellite phone or a DeLorme InReach device?

    We prefer and suggest a satellite phone.

  • What about game bags?

    We recommend high quality lightweight game bags. A moose will require 14 bags for the meat, 1 bag for the cape, and 1 bag for a European Mount. 16 game bags total. A caribou will require 4 game bags for the meat, 1 for the cape, and 1 for a European Mount. 6 game bags total. Tok Air Service asks that hunters de-bone the meat, and fill each bag up to 50 lbs max.

  • What about bear spray?

    We recommend non-resident hunters bring bear spray. Bear spray must be declared to the pilot. Please advise the pilot if you have bear spray and separate the bear spray out from your backpack.

East Alaska and Wrangells hunting

Some words from our amazing clients.

  • Thanks for all you did for us. We had a great hunt and I took a really good moose. I truly appreciate your professionalism and expertise as you worked to get Heath off the "hill"! Thanks again!
    Mark Cronquist