Self-guided caribou hunts

Self-guided Caribou Hunts

A wild Alaskan experience unlike any other

TAS Alaska Caribou Hunts

Alaska Caribou Hunts.

Caribou hunts for most Alaskans is a race along a narrow corridor highway, trying to harvest almost any legal animal before the hunt is closed. For those not hunting right off the highway it's often trafficking along ATV trails still hunting against the clock. We offer caribou hunts off the beaten path. Let us set you down in wild country where you have more time for a successful traditional wilderness hunt.

2018 is looking great with the good news about the Fortymile Caribou population growth.

May also be combined with moose or sheep hunt, or done as a float hunt.

Alaska caribou hunting

The Fortymile caribou hunt is open Aug. 10 - Sept. 30 (unless closed early by Fish & Game) and requires registration permit #RC860.

Alaska DIY Caribou Hunts

Towards the beginning of the 20th century, the Fourtymile caribou herd was known to be the largest herd in Alaska and possibly one of the largest in the world. Early estimates number the Fourtymile herd around 568,000 animals. At that time, the herd ranged from several different areas including Whitehorse, Yukon, the White Mountains and even north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Due to harsh winters, over-hunting, and an increase in predation rates, the herd dwindled to such a low number that, after 1974, the herd was hardly ever seen in the Yukon. Today as the herd rebounds they are sometimes seen in the Yukon Charley area in numbers reaching the thousands. Read more about the Fortymile caribou herd.

Many times when a hunter is on an Alaskan self guided Fortymile caribou hunt with Tok Air Service, they will be hunting on Federal National Park Service land within the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. The National Park Service has specific regulations regarding food storage, bear safety, human waste, campfires and camping; within the boundaries of the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. Please carefully review the Park specific information here. This information is valuable to hunters not just on Park Service land, but whenever you are out enjoying the 'Wilds of Alaska.'

Alaska Caribou, perfect organic meat.

Our Alaska self-guided caribou hunts are a unforgettable experience. We work hard to put hunters in remote locations where they should not see another human from the time of drop off to pick up. Our caribou hunts also have 100% success with our carefully selected locations. Due to the nature of our hunts being so remote we can't stress enough the importance of being in your peak physical condition for the hunt.

In interior Alaska conditions can change rapidly, it is important to be prepared for sudden drops in temperature and other changes in weather. Self-guided means it's up to you and your hunting party to be prepared for whatever Alaska may throw your way. We do our best to minimize risk and are ready to support you the best we can, but planes are also weather dependent.

Alaska caribou hunting

It's hard to top the quality, tenderness, and flavor of a Fortymile caribou in August. The various stakeholders in the Fortymile caribou herd have been doing an excellent job of managing the herd, which has now grown to over 50,000 animals. Every year, Zack sees more and more groups and bands of trophy bulls. Tok Air Service will take you caribou hunting away from the crowds and the roads. The season for the fly-in area, which is in zone 2 of the RC 860 registration hunt area, opens August 10 and rarely closes before September 20th. One of the most rewarding aspects of caribou hunting is that it is an experience the entire family can enjoy. Kids can learn outdoor and hunting skills while providing their family with a freezer full of organic meat for the winter.

East Alaska and Wrangells hunting

Some words from our amazing clients.

  • Zack Knaebel, Tok Air Service (TAS), provides top-notch air transport service. Last fall, my wife and I used TAS for air transportation services on a GMU 20E caribou hunt. I have personally spent many hours as a bush plane passenger in Alaska as both a hunter and in my professional line of work. I was extremely confident and impressed with Zack's professionalism as well as his balance of technical flying expertise and safety consciousness. Zack demonstrated a high degree of flying ability, service, and personal knowledge of the area that directly resulted in a successful, memorable, and safe trip into and out of the Alaska wilderness. TAS has gained my trust and business, as I have already booked a Wrangell Mountains Dall sheep hunt for the upcoming season. As a resident of Alaska, I know there are other air services available in the area; however, I highly recommend you go with Zack Knaebel, Tok Air Service!
    Jeremy T.
    North Pole, AK