Self-guided grizzly bear hunts

Self-guided Grizzly Hunts

A wild Alaskan experience unlike any other

Spring-Fall Grizzly Hunts

Alaskan Grizzly Bear Hunts.

Nothing defines wilderness like a Grizzly. Seeing a Grizzly Bear charge up a steep tundra mountainside is the epitome of raw power, simply amazing.

The ancient local word for Grizzly Bear is "Blueberry Muncher". Guess where you will find Grizzlies in the fall? That's right. In the blueberry patch. Hopefully not in the same blueberry patch you are in.

In late fall we carefully observe where the bears are, and where they are denning. Knowing were the Grizzly Bears are in the Fall gives our Spring Grizzly Bear hunters an advantage over hunting with other hunt transporters and air-taxis. In the Spring we have one Super Cub on 35" Bushwheels, and one on wheel skis. So no matter the snow conditions we can get you out to prime locations for Spring Grizzly hunting.

Alaska grizzly bear hunting

Grizzly Bear hunting requires a lot of patience, skill, and hard work. Days upon days of glassing. Once a Grizzly Bear is spotted, utmost attention must be paid to the wind; the stalk requires all of your skill. After days of glassing, all of a sudden you may find yourself sprinting through the tundra. Running, crawling, all of your attention focused on the stalk.

If you ae interested in harvesting an interior Grizzly Bear, please inquire about the four species hunts that Tok Air Service offers. Yes, that is correct, four species. Moose, sheep, caribou, and bear. Four species, all from the same hunting strip location

May also be combined with caribou hunt.

Alaska Bear Hunts

Some words fom our amazing clients.

  • Zack's light hearted demeanor is a welcome change from the stiff-upper-lipped attitude so often found when using Alaskan bush pilots. He is unafraid to make flying in his aircraft a joyous experience. From cracking jokes to telling passengers of the amazing lives of far north pilots, Zack only adds to an already savory experience. Upon landing, Zack will jump out of his seat, grin ear to ear and welcome you to the wild and exotic wilderness you have chosen to be flown to. Zack's passion for life and his work only adds to the experience and makes the ride so much more then just an air taxi. When looking for an approachable air service, look no further then Tok Air Service.
    Reese D.
    Valdez, AK